Roll Away Your Pain


The Arm Relief Massager is a highly portable, lightweight, trigger point myofascia release, self-therapy tool. It works with the proven principles of trigger point therapy and applies customizable massage pressure on tight and over-used muscles of your upper and lower arms, and hands

Take It With You

The Arm Relief Massager can be used in the comfort of your home or office, in the gym, or before a competitive event. It is also an excellent enhancement to your regular massage sessions, Because of its portability, the Arm Relief Massager can be part of your regular training routine.

Work Gently

Slow, even, soft, pressure works best as a starting point. Once your arm passes through the massage rollers, find specific areas of your upper and lower arm that have constricted and tight muscles (trigger points). Remember these areas as you roll your arm slowly through the rollers. Go slowly, and when you get to a sore spot that feels like a bruise, pause for 15 to 20 seconds. Hold the pressure on the tight area and relax.

Aggressive rolling can cause skin irritation and abrasion. Practice a patient and relaxed attitude, and use a long-sleeved shirt if you have sensitive skin.