Deep Muscle Fascia Release

July 20, 2015 Bruce Fleming

Fascia are connective tissue fibers that wrap muscle groups, and help lubricate and assist the movement of your muscular system.

"Fascia can be finicky: It gets stiff and sticky when you don't move around enough, but it can also get bound up and twisted when you move too much, do repetitive motion, or injure yourself through activity," says James L. Thornton, the president of the National Athletic Trainers Association. 

Stiff fascia can be loosened, and the associated muscles relaxed, with routine massages with the Arm Relief Massager.

Discomfort should melt away as the fascia softens and the muscles release. If you feel intense pain that doesn't dissipate, stop, and consider making an appointment with a physical therapist.









Image: The rectus sheath, an example of a fascia. Henry Vandyke Carter - Henry Gray (1918) Anatomy of the Human Body, Gray's AnatomyPlate 395