Who Uses The Arm Relief Massager?

July 27, 2015 Bruce Fleming

The Arm Relief Massager is used by anyone who relies on their arms and hands for work or play, thereby opening themselves up to overuse injuries and pain, such as: Artists Athletes Beauty Technicians Bodybuilders Construction Workers  Dentists & Hygienists  Factory Workers Gardeners & Landscapers House Painters Massage Therapists Mechanics Motocross Riders Computer Workers Plumbers Potters Programmers Rock Climbers Surgeons  

What is a Trigger Point?

July 26, 2015 Bruce Fleming

Trigger points are formed by localized contractions of a small number of muscles within a larger group. They can be caused by repetitive strain, overuse, and muscle stress. These micro-muscle contractions can cause deep pain, transmitting that pain to nearby joints and muscles.The term "trigger point" was coined in 1942 by Dr. Janet Travell to describe a clinical finding with the following characteristics:— Pain related to a discrete, irritable point in skeletal muscle or fascia, not caused by acute local trauma, inflammation, degeneration, neoplasm, or infection. — The painful point can be felt as a nodule or band in the muscle, and a twitch response can...

6 Steps To A Pain-Free Body

July 24, 2015 Bruce Fleming

  Conditions like repetitive strain injury, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, and tendonitis can become permanent if not treated.   To support a pain-free body: Take longer breaks from arm-related tasks Alternate tasks Stretch at regular intervals Ask for assistance Upgrade your tools and equipment Schedule regular sessions with a professional massage therapist  Be mindful about pain. Always consult your healthcare provider if you have lingering pain that doesn't diminish with time.

Deep Muscle Fascia Release

July 20, 2015 Bruce Fleming

Fascia are connective tissue fibers that wrap muscle groups, and help lubricate and assist the movement of your muscular system. "Fascia can be finicky: It gets stiff and sticky when you don't move around enough, but it can also get bound up and twisted when you move too much, do repetitive motion, or injure yourself through activity," says James L. Thornton, the president of the National Athletic Trainers Association.  Stiff fascia can be loosened, and the associated muscles relaxed, with routine massages with the Arm Relief Massager. Discomfort should melt away as the fascia softens and the muscles release. If you feel intense pain...